Turning Dice


Pricing: 20$+1$/die for the first 28 dice, then the 20$ setup fee is reapplied for the next set of 28 and so on of single relatively uncomplicated design runs.

Ex: 20 dice (any combination) runs 40$, 29 dice =68$ 56 dice =96$, 57 dice= 117$, etc... (watch the price breaks dice goblin friends!)

Design your own Turning Dice!!

This comprehensive form is intended to take the decision tree for making Turning Dice out of my hands and put them in yours! Because of the astounding amount of choices the wise dice fan has a vision of their final choices. Write down that vision and share it to get as close as possible to your dream!

First, contact information in the space below just so any questions can be resolved before the process is started. Better for everyone involved to have clarity as well as confirmation on special designs than problems and delays.
Any spaces intentionally left blank or with a 'whatever you think best' are decided upon by the dice crafter (typically Alexander Davis).
Next Choose between Fonts (for a unified appearance) right now the decision is between the Easy-to-read Comfortaa Font VS. The designer font of Green Fuz. (Choose 1, put in space below).

Next up: Picking which dice you want to have made! whether you feel a need of 12d6 for games like Prowlers & Paragons, HERO, Warhammer, etc., or want a 'standard set' (1d4, 1d6, 1d8, 1d10, 1d100, 1d12, 1d20) for any edition of D&D or even unusual combos like a matched set of 3d20 for your lucky feat/Elven 5E D&D character idea we at Turning Dice want to make getting your ideal dice set easy. Each die and quantity needs to be selected. Just put the number desired below the die descriptor so your personal dice creator, knows exactly how many of what you want (and if someone inattentively puts 50 in the d4's slot when they want 50d6 that can be a problem). Pricing is currently a minimum of 20$ setup plus 1$ per die for up to the first 28 total in a set.

Vision: Try expressing a clear, overall look for this set design wise below. Generally complex designs can be interesting to meditate upon while simpler is usually easier to read. Red (pips) on black (base) is easier to read than 16 colors of glitter in a black and clear dirty pour (not to mention trying to paint the pips a contrasting color!)

Pick the Base Color, this is what the die will primarily look like before the pips are colored in. Use Clear for ideas involving inserts, glitter, etc... and truly special visions (see below)
Base Color: (choose 1: White, Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Brown, and Clear)

Complex Pours: if there is a desire for a multi stage color design this may increase the cost up to double the set up fee and per die cost. Designs nearly identical to previous works of art (for example look for #Anothercandycorn and use that design but changing the colors to blue white and red for the Flag of France) may not incur additional costs.

Inserts, special designs and other interesting ideas: Most likely minor adds [glitter, inks, mass produced small items, etc... be sure to include link(s) to the desired product(s) if possible!] to a dice set are usually covered by the dice setup cost, though expensive items may incur additional costs.
NOTE: ALL items must be smaller than 4mm/.157 inches in 2 of the 3 dimensions, and be flexible enough to relaxedly curve to fit the die in the 3rd dimension (length) if need be. Imagining a piece of string/tape and as the dice designer should have the right idea.

Finally, Pip color: Currently Turning dice is happy to paint pips with any color produced by Apple Barrel in their Gloss color range, though highly contrasting colors with the base die color is recommended for ease of readability (which may be challenging to find for complex designs) #AnotherTuxedo being the exception. Other simple pip colors may incur an additional charge but for complex colors I would recommend opening communication with either a skilled artist, miniatures painter, or for top notch professional work contact Sand and Shine (see below) for all dice finishing needs. If desired, will send completed but unfinished product to Sand and Shine instead of the customer after notification from Sand and Shine of your desires.

Charges (reiteration): any order of dice (from 1 to 28 dice) of a single relatively uncomplicated design runs 20$+1$/die. Ex: 20 dice (any combination) runs 40$, 29 dice =68$ 56 dice =96$, 57 dice= 117$, etc... (watch the price breaks dice goblins!)
A challenging design (that succeeds, and we make no guarantees it will, if Turning Dice even accepts the design as feasible) could double the price based on how challenging. Special materials including special pip paints can increase the costs even further (imagine the costs of adding real diamonds, gold, etc...).
Contact information: Dice designers and commissioners can reach out for initial consults by Myself (Alexander Davis/Turning Dice) on Facebook as Alexander.davis.58 or on Instagram @Alexander_Anotherskip_Davis and can reach out to Sand and Shine on Facebook at Sand and Shine Finishing or on Instagram @SandandShinedice
Design your own Turning Dice!! With #Anotherdiceform