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More Catching up on Dungeon 23

More Catching up on Dungeon 23

by Alexander Anotherskip Davis

One of the things that writing practice helps with is actually sitting down and practicing. Dungeon 23 is good for a lot of basic writing skills.

There are tons of decent advice on how to write, but here is the hard part. To get really good a writer needs to

1. Identify parts where they are bad at writing.

2. Write where they deal with that bad part over and over again until they get good at it. Preferably with someone mentoring them through that process. and not by doing easy things either.

  1. Get feedback marking the problem as improved.

  2. Look for problem areas again.

Sure, its a loop But this will explain why I am unhappy with a previous post with empty rooms. they weren't properly detailed as they should have been. the empty rooms should have been identified and numbered properly so they count as a part of the writing exercise that is #Dungeon23

The other half is I'm not mapping like I should either

I should map while writing and make sure all locations are keyed properly. I can I just haven't

Sigh more time.