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Looking for 2 more gamers

Looking for 2 more gamers


I - Alexander Davis - am working with an experimental project. We are looking for people interested in seeing how a new type of theraputic play might work. The idea is a podcast about helping people build mental/social skills through gaming to make their own lives better.


Step 1- Interview via Email and Zoom players in Dec, to help build each player a fantasy character that when used during the gaming sessions will be constructive towards building the skills in the player needed to help you reach your goal.

Step 2. Running that character through a campaign designed by Mythica von Griffyn and myself to ensure everyone spends time not only building the skills but tricking the subconscious into devouring this like candy and doing the heavy lifting. Something like having a personal trainer teach and spot you on how to build a skill set for overcoming that problem while working out to an enjoyable show. It does involve a time sacrifice but building that skill set could be a powerful start to changing your life for the better, as long as you do the work.


Zoom RPG sessions for about a month and a half a from Jan 1st to Mid Feb. No Experience Needed Will Teach. For people with TTRPG or writing experience those skills might be a double-edged sword. Meta knowledge might get in the way, certain 'sensible' play elements like 'never split the party', knowing story beats or even helping other gamers might interfere with letting other players develop skills, or with refining their own skills. Playing the same or the best character over and over can be a dead end because there often are no new skills to be developed. This also needs to be a safe space for people to share or unmask as needed, so being respectful of both voicing and silence is a key point. And people are bigger than their "problems" as Mythica reminded me. To recap, everyone should be on a level field of learning something new and how to let their subconscious do some if not most of the heavy lifting. Time commitments: We are doing this starting Tuesday the week of January 16th 2024 and running until at least the week of February 19th from 6-9 PM MST. For those on the East Coast that would be 4-7 PM.


Exploring and developing a beta test process for helping people build themselves better through Roleplay. The main goal is to take people through a story journey that at the end should result in a person building the skills to help themselves.

There are a few things we want from participants: Honesty, a goal, a willingness to change, time and permission to broadcast the test should we have a reasonably successful experience. One should be ok with some bleed between the RP and the real world. We will be starting off as yourself where both you and your character are unlikely to know much about the world or the characters.

One thing we don't want is money; this is not an official session of therapy. we are not using Rp as therapy but we know that roleplaying can be therapeutic and we are aiming for a therapeutic experience.

If anyone wants to speak privately or publicly about the project or has questions feel free to reach out to us.

No matter what else, if you are seeing this: This is your sign.

Alexander: doigain @ hotmail.com

Mythica: Iammythica @ gmail.com