Turning Dice

Dice Talk!

Dice Talk!

by Alexander Anotherskip davis

I received a response wherein a (MEidac nycstudents.net) asked for dice that would have the numbers 1-6 on every face of the die.

Unfortunately the response Email bounced and failing any other form of contact try sending an email to me directly at Anotherskip at gmail.com and we will see if we can't at least discuss the idea at a much faster speed.

I have a few questions for you in order to more fully understand your concept:

  1. Would you accept the numbers being sub surface? (not cut/engraved/tactilely ​observable, not usable for touch but visually observable)

  2. Are you imagining a standard platonic solid/cube or are you thinking of my ring/cylindrical designs?

  3. How many? Note that the simplest design runs about 2$ + Shipping/die.